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Breadbox Pens GEOS Exclusive License and Ownership Rights Agreement with Geoworks

Port Richey, Florida, April 29, 2003
Under the terms of an amended licensing agreement with Geoworks of Emeryville, California, effective April 1, 2003, Breadbox Computer Company, LLC of Port Richey, Florida, has obtained the worldwide exclusive and perpetual rights to the patented GEOS operating system for all hardware platforms. As part of the agreement and in addition to undisclosed financial and other terms, Breadbox has agreed to take on certain of Geoworks' technical support liabilities to third parties. In addition, under the terms of the agreement, all ownership rights of the Geos operating system will pass to Breadbox at an undisclosed date. Prior to the ownership transfer, Breadbox has the right to bring claims against third parties for violations of Geoworks' intellectual property rights in the licensed technology.

"We are very pleased to have reached an amicable agreement with Geoworks and we look forward to our continuing role as the keeper of the GEOS flame. With a little luck and our continued perseverance and talented Breadbox team, we aim to put GEOS back on the map as a viable alternative. GEOS has a long standing history of being on the cutting edge and of being the software of choice for the first PDA, the Casio Zoomer, and later the Hewlett Packard OmniGo and the Sharp PT-9000 PDA; the Canon StarWriter Pro 5000 personal publishing system; Brother Ensemble Word Processors; the first PDN, the Brother GeoBook; the first wireless Communicator, the Nokia 9000; the GlobalPC; the award winning PC desktop software that still runs nicely on a 386 and was selected for IBM's Eduquest educational computer platform; and much, much more. We will revive and continue this legacy into the future" stated Frank S. Fischer, President & CEO of Breadbox.

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